Retreat Centre Asharum Amonines - Breath

Breath of Purification


~by Yoginâm Abbahjí~

The task of human living is to tune the resonance of the frequency of experience into the resonance of the frequency of awareness.

Phenomena that we perceive with the sense organs and shape into consciousness by means of the mind, are expressions in space/time of a reality that transcends space/time.

By living, we entered with the permanent state of Being, the temporary state of Becoming, in order to carry Becoming back to Being. This is the act of creation.

We perform that task by means of the realisation, and the consequent attitude that expresses the certainty, that Becoming has never ceased to be Being and that Becoming is one of the infinite Faces of Being.

Being is ever unchanging Ultimate. Living is expressing Being. The Resonance of Living expresses the permanent Silence of Being. Resonance is Silence and Silence is Resonance.

In Becoming, Being is found by discovering the Silence within Resonance. Silence is the deepest nature of Resonance.

Everything in life resonates its frequency. The Breathing supports the Becoming as Experience. Breathing is the pivot around which experience shapes itself. Breath is the Vital Energy that is managed in Breathing.

Carrying with Breathing the sound of the Silence of Being is like an amalgamation of Experience and Awareness.

Breathing becomes a transforming agent for the Task of Living by creating the bridge between Becoming and Being; between experience and awareness. Such is the value of Breathing that is enriched by the Breath.

A lack in performing the Task of Living leads to disharmony and disease. It sets out a course in which Well-Being in Living, in dying and in post-living is obscured. Such a life produces detrimental Karma that becomes a burden.

Performing the Task of Living is like answering the Natural Call. It creates harmony and dissolves the discomfort of physical and mental disease. The Breath is the instrument that heals and liberates: the Jewel that cuts away all obstruction.

There are only two conditions to receiving this powerful instrument:

  1. The Breath should be received in a specific way and in a specific state of receptivity.
  2. The Breath should be kept as an inner secret and it should not be shared or communicated with or to others in writing and by voice.

When these two conditions are not met, the Breath is not the Breath and it has no value as an instrument of healing and transformation.

The Breath can be performed in seclusion, during meditation, and during activity in busy surroundings. The Breath binds Being to Becoming and completes that which without it would remain incomplete.

The Breath represents a Direct Way. The ascending movement of its performance is met by a descending movement of its Grace. The Breath is a spiritual practice on its own. It can also be a valuable tool for intensifying the effect of other spiritual practices