Asharum Amonines is an international retreat centre providing a place to reconnect with your transcendental nature. To rest and unwind from stressful busy life


We think a place as such in the midst of busy daily life is important for people to withdraw to themselves and to explore their transcendence and with that the meaning of life. To encourage openness and compassion because applying these qualities in life brings well-being and wisdom on personal levels and in the world at large


Asharum Amonines works non-profit, meaning all income goes back into the organisation which is run by volunteers. That way it is also possible to provide the visits at low cost. We like to be available for everyone at all levels of society. For this we offer different services like (private) retreats, courses and regular visits who also work in the daily activities.

We are inspired by LivingNâm

Asharum Amonines is part of Nâm Foundation

Nâm Foundation is non-profit and is registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number 27263202

The aim of the foundation is to integrate into the contemporary social and cultural climate of life spiritual and ethical foundations that arise from and are in line with the mystical and human, animal and plant respecting work of Yoginâm.

The income which is generated by visits and activities are used in three ways:

  1. The income is primarily intended to meet the expenses of the house.
  2. In addition, income is used to cover any expenses of volunteers and external services such as a laundromat.
  3. Other income is used for the various projects organized by Nâm foundation, such as the new ecological project in Spain – the Nijar Monastery Guesthouse – and the Nâm Academy.